12x Ide Hard Drive Over SCSI Raid System 64-bit Risc Cpu Easy Raid X12p Case

12x Ide Hard Drive Over SCSI Raid System 64-bit Risc Cpu Easy Raid X12p Case

12x Ide Hard Drive Over SCSI Raid System 64-bit Risc Cpu Easy Raid X12p Case

12X IDE HARD DRIVE OVER SCSI RAID SYSTEM 64-BIT RISC CPU EASY RAID X12P CASE. The description of this item has been automatically translated. EasyRAID storage, model: X12P, type: U3R4. For IDE hard disks over SCSI controller "easyRAIDstorage".

RAID enclosure for IDE hard disks, the controller can be operated via SCSI. Thanks to the different RAID level for all types of use as storage suitable. Databases, Web server, also through the ability to build 4 RaidVerb├╝nde, also up to 4 types of use at the same time cover file server or cache, thanks to the species to different RAID. Now you have a system, which the low-cost IDE plates with secure RAID and faster SCSI offers connection, prior.

It supports also the very large IDE disk. You can secure RAID level 5 and E. 12 x 500 GB IDE hard drives provide inexpensive fast 5500 gigabyte (5.5 TB) storage. Of course, you can build a different sizes of IDE plates.

The RAID controller supports that with its 64-bit RISC CPU. The IDE disks are the advanced technology even "hot swappable", i. They may be operating at a broken easy hardware be replaced without losing data. The intelligent internal controller automatically reconstructs the RAID. The power supplies are almost already of course 3-way redundant.

The whole thing is there cm (19 inch) format with 4U rack units, for up to 12 plates in a practical compact 48.26. The operation is very easy to manage via the display or via a PC connection. Comes out during operation, without hard drives tested and is OK. You can install different sizes of IDE hard drives.

Now calculate the size for a RAID vital to the smallest plate, but you can work around this by creating up to 4 RAID groups. Take for example easy 4 x. 00 GB IDE disk than RAID 1, composite. 4 x 250 GB IDE disk than RAID compound 2 and have two RAID hard disks in your computer visible.

With the advantages of the RAIDs. Of course level can be assigned to different RAID the associations. Here a brief explanation of the RAID levels that this device master. Accelerates the disks by the number of hard drives, but without automatic data security. A hard drive fails, all data is gone. But it has the highest speed in reading and writing. The size multiplied by the size of the smallest disk multiplied by the number of plates. The hard disks are constantly "copied". When the write, the data is written immediately on all panels at the same time. They have no speed increase, but the largest data security. The probability that two plates at the same time turn out is low.

Still less that three panels fall off. RAID level 0 + 1. They need at least 4 plates and 2 x the size of the smallest plate as all the memory available. A very wasteful way, but very fast and very secure. You need at least 3 plates.

All panels are treated as RAID 0 and an additional plate stores cons production information, in order to recover the data if a disk fails. This is no matter which plate is, but it may be only one at the same time. This is the most advanced RAID because the data throughput is increased and remains also the backup on the track and the still very economical, not wasteful so by the cost here. The storage capacity is used efficiently.

However, if many small non-contiguous changes occur in the data, RAID 0 + 1 is preferable because RAID 5 write throughput there greatly decreases. There is also the best controller useless. Is not a RAID level. But the hard drives are simply arranged. You then have the entire store of every single different hard drive, but no data security and also no speed.

Just a bunch of disks. You can, of course, all presented species associations on up to 4 RAID set up! Here a screenshot of the menu via the serial connection. 128 MB, easily upgradeable to 512, SDRAM. 0, 1, 0 + 1, 3 or 5, JBOD. Up to 160 MB / s per host. Up to 12 x 8.89 cm (3.5 inch) hot swappable. Regardless, for example Windows, Linux.

3 x 300 Watt redundant. 115/230 Volts (+/-10%), 50/60 Hz. 483x175x470mm 48,26 cm (19 inch) rack mount - 4U. About SCSI RAID is represented as a hard disk.

Is accessed as a simple built-in hard drive in a PC, only much safer and better. Condition: Used, excellent condition, tested 100% OK.

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12x Ide Hard Drive Over SCSI Raid System 64-bit Risc Cpu Easy Raid X12p Case